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Your Autoresponder Will Be Your Virtual ATM
Prosperity Marketing

"The Money Is In The List"

If you are marketing online for much time, that is something you hear over and over and over again. The number one tip a successful marketer will give you is just that - to build your list. If your only focus is to build your list.. you will be successful. By obtaining your own list you basically have a Virtual ATM, whenever you send out a promotion to the list it's like printing money on demand. It doesn't get easier! 

For those who do not know, an autoresponder has the capability to automatically follow-up with leads for you. For example, you can create a seven part e-mail course, and say you want to send a different e-mail each day, well when someone joins that list the autoresponder will automatically send them the messages each day. This is very important for your bottom line because it has been proven that the majority of people need to hear about your product or service at least seven times before they will buy. 

The problem is 97% of people fail to build their lists. 

Now you don't have to be among the failures. The Prosperity Marketing System makes building your own list very easy and highly effective. You can stop building lists for other program owners and add every sign-up that you get onto YOUR list first. How? The Prosperity Marketing System seamlessly integrates with any autoresponder. All you do is fill in your list information and voila... any sign-ups you get into the Prosperity Marketing System through your affiliate link are automatically fed to your list. This means you can use the autoresponder to follow-up with your new members AND to send additional broadcast messages whenever you want! This puts you in complete control of your list and personal branding. 

Trying to make money online without using an Autoresponder gives you a huge disability. It's like trying to run an offline business without a telephone or mailbox. Just as any machine needs certain parts, your business needs crucial parts to work most efficiently, and your autoresponder is one of these parts. 

The #1 recommended autoresponder solution in the Mentors Program for GDI Team Elite is Awber.. It is vital to have a quality autoresponder.. because as said.. The money is in your list. Aweber has great delivery rates and reliability. Below you can join Aweber through your Prosperity Marketing System sponsor. Aweber also has a free affiliate program that pays you 30% commissions on all sales.. so you can promote Aweber through this system for free as an affiliate without being an actual customer (for example if you are already using GetResoponse or another autoresponder solution and do not want to switch to Aweber).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will also need to set up your free affiliate account with Aweber. It does not set up automatically. 




This video will explain how to use and set up Aweber. 







For insttrucitons on setting up Aweber the text instructions for integration are available on the Autoresponder Integration page under the personal branding menu. 


Aweber Autoresponder
Aweber is our recommended autoresponder solution. 

You can start with a 30 day free trial. After that the prices are very affordable... and as you continue to build your list you will be building a strong business foundation.

  1. Use the link below to start your 30 day trial. Alternatively, you can choose any other paid membership level.
  2. Then go back to the link and click on More from the very top menu, You will then see a link to their affiliate program under the Partners column.
  3. You need to create a separate free affiliate account, on the affiliate program page you will see a link for "Affiliate Program" referring to 33% commissions..click on that and then click Join Now to create your free affiliate account. That page is also where you can login to your affiliate account.
  4. You will need to insert your Affiliate account login/username below.. then you will get credit for customers. You earn 33% on any direct sales. Even if you are using another autoresponder with our system, you will want to create a free Aweber affiliate account so your downline here can join through your link.

You can take a test run of it here: TEAM LEADERS LINK.

Don't forget to find your team leaders name and click on it to go to their page!

Please login to the Prosperity Marketing System and go under "Income Builder", then "Autoresponder"
and you will see where to upgrade.
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